Mag has left Dying Empire

In the last months a lot has happened within the band and privately. Quite a few things have changed and it took some time until we realized that we don’t all want to go the same way anymore and have the same goal in mind. Therefore Mag has decided with a heavy heart and in friendship to no longer go the same way with us. Here is his statement:

It all started with a sweaty evening at Heavy Duty in Dresden, when two slightly drunk longhaired guys chatted up another longhaired guy. That’s how it happened back then when Gastel and I brought Benner on board to form the project Dying Empire. Many years have passed since that evening. Festivals were played, there was a tour, countless club concerts, long evenings in the rehearsal room and a lot of time in the recording studio. But as As I Lay Dying sang so beautifully: “the only constant is change”. For me personally it’s time to choose a different path, that’s why I have decided to leave the project Dying Empire. Since I have been a part of it from the beginning this decision was not easy for me.

At this point I just want to say thank you again. THANK YOU for the great time, for the experiences and for the many nice moments I had with all of you.

See you in front of the stage at the next DyEm concert.

We thank him for incredible moments, intense musical and personal experiences and many memories that no one can take away from us. We thank him for his energy and time, look back on countless highlights and say goodbye with a smile in one eye and tear in the other.